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Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society®
Australasian Rolex Scholarship

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March 2008 - Our World Underwater Scholarship Society
launches Australasia site.

I am delighted to announce we have gone live with a site specifically for the Australasian scholar.

In a blog format, the site will tell the scholar's story as he or she progresses through their year.

For the latest scholarship news from Australasia, please click to visit






Feb 2008 - Our World Underwater Scholarship Society
Announces the 2008 Australasian Rolex Scholar


A panel to select the OW-USS Australasian Rolex Scholar 2008/09 was convened in Sydney on Sunday 10th February 2008.
It is therefore my duty and great pleasure to announce that the Australasian Rolex Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Scholar for 2008/09 has been duly selected.

The new Rolex Australasian Scholar is Mr. Steven Lindfield, an Australian citizen.




Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree with Class 1 honours in Marine Science from the University of Newcastle in New South Wales.
Steves hopes for the future:  “My personal goals revolve around the ocean, I believe everyone has a reason in life, and I know mine is related to maintenance of the biodiversity of the ocean. Fish are my favourite group of marine organisms, my life so far has revolved around them and I hope the rest of my life will continue to do the same. I am grateful that I have had experience with a diversity of marine life at a young age”.

Steves goals: “There are so many legends that have dedicated their life to environment, especially the marine environment: whether it is from ecological research, taxonomy or public advocates and documentary workers. These people have really made a difference to the world and I only hope that one day I will become one of them”.

A full c.v./bio is attached, but in the meantime please join me in welcoming Steve to the Scholarship family and wishing him every success during his Scholarship year and thereafter.

I feel he is a very worthy recipient who will be a shining ambassador for the Scholarship Society, our Corporate Sponsor Rolex and not least of all, himself and his family.







Our World Underwater Scholarship Society
Announces the very first Australasian Rolex Scholar 2007/2008

For the past 32 years the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) has offered scholarships in the USA and more recently Europe.
In April 2006 the Our World – Underwater Scholarship Society with the support of Rolex expanded its outreach to offer an Australasian Scholarship.
The Rolex Scholarships provides a hands-on introduction to the underwater world and other aquatic related endeavours for young people with an interest in underwater related disciplines. This permits career decisions to be based on “hands on” work experiences. The selected Rolex Scholars are perceived to have the potential to make a significant contribution to the underwater world, even though he or she may not yet have chosen a specific career path. The goal is to foster development of the future leaders of the marine environment. The Society continues to believe that by investing in special young people, by exposing them to a broad array of activities in the underwater community and by giving them opportunities to work with influential people who are leaders in aquatic disciplines, it is investing in the future of our underwater world.

For our first year we had an impressive list of entries. It was a difficult choice getting to the two finalists. For the two finalists we ran a panel interview. There were four panel members, Sue Crowe, Tabata Australia, Peter Fields, diving icon, David Harasti, NSW fisheries and myself as the Australasian coordinator. After a tough decision we awarded the first Australasian scholarship to Mathew Kertesz.
Mathew holds a Bachelor of Marine Science majoring in marine biology at Macquarie University in North Ryde, Sydney.

Mathew’s goals as a scientist during the scholarship year; he hopes that he can significantly contribute to our understanding of how marine ecosystems function – the intricacies, the great and the subtle ways that all levels of biodiversity interact to comprise the extraordinary communities that exist in even the simplest of marine environments. His key area of interest is fish and fish communities. An avid snorkeller since the age of five and always fascinated by fish of all shapes and sizes. Throughout his lifetime, fish communities have come to the forefront. The conflict between conservation and the need to sustain the ever-increasing human population and over harvesting has led to the collapse of many coastal fisheries. As a marine scientist, he wishes to contribute to a greater understanding of our marine environment so that fish communities will thrive into the future.


Matt being congratulated by Diving Legend's Ron and Valerie Taylor

Mathew is a conservationist, but also a realist and his goal is that we can use our increasing knowledge of how the marine world functions to develop better ways of managing and conserving the underwater world. If conservation is to succeed it needs to be based on the best possible science, and management practices will need to be continually refined and improved. His hope is that scientific research in the marine world can drive the evolution of management of marine ecosystems, and that conflicts between stakeholders with opposing viewpoints can be reduced. It is critical that there is openness and transparency at all levels of marine management and that those charged with the protection of marine environments can with all honesty claim to always employ best possible practice in their duties. He hopes to, through the course of his career; contribute to this by providing robust and relevant science that management decisions can be made upon.

Lastly, his goal as a human being is that we can leave to the next generation an underwater world that is healthier, more vibrant and better-protected than was left to our generation. Mathew believes that this should be the aim of every successive generation: for the world that our children inherit to be a better place than we were born into.

As the winner of this prestigious scholarship award Mathew will be presented with a Rolex watch, a visit to the Explorers Club in New York City to receive his award officially and sponsorship of his Scuba Diving equipment by Tabata Australia Pty Ltd.

For more information please visit the Society’s web site at and follow the links to the Australasian Rolex Scholarship.
or contact:
Jayne Jenkins
Vice President -Australasian Operations
PO Box 8
145 Sydney Rd
Fairlight 2094
NSW, Australia



Matt with the 2006/2007 European Scholar, Delia Ní Chíobháin and Australasian co-ordinator Jayne Jenkins and her partner Colin.



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